Music : EXPLORATION "Chanson françaises" New album release
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Enjoy My New Album

Guillaume Marcenac.

New jazz album adds contemporary twist to classic French songs Jazz pianist Guillaume Marcenac has successfully fused the styles of gypsy, jazz and the classic French chanson in his new album featuring young Dutch singers. “I have taken classic French songs from my childhood and reinvigorated them with different styles and voices. Nadja Filtzer sings cabaret, Jurgen Donkers adds swing, Patricia Wisse sings modern jazz, while Tess van der Zwet and Bryony Burns bring both glamour and sensuality to our collaboration,” says Marcenac. With gypsy guitar, piano and double bass harmonizing together in the rearrangements, each piece reflects many music palettes. The result is a fusion of modern jazz and the classic French chanson. Dutch audiences will be familiar with tracks like “La Vie en Rose” and “La Boheme” but all of the songs convey strong emotions.

Enjoy My New Album

Release upcoming soon !

Enjoy My New Album

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