EXPLORATION “Chansons françaises”

Guillaume Marcenac & friends

New album

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In his new jazz album, pianist Guillaume Marcenac invites the Dutch voices Nadja Filtzer, Jurgen Donkers, Tess, Bryony Burns and Patricia Wisse, to give a new boost to the old French songs from his childhood. Their tone transforms these popular melodies with their gypsy jazz colours, brought about by the piano-double bass-guitar trio.

Each arrangement reflects many palettes and colors of the pianist’s musical universe, sublimating the singers’ different timbres and styles: cabaret for Nadja, Swing for Jurjen, modern jazz for Patricia, french glamour for Tess and sensuality for Bryony.

Guillaume Marcenac Friends
New album

Concert Release on 05/11/2019

The concert release of the album EXPLORATION will be in Diamant Theater in the Hague, with all the artists from the recording.

✘ Event : Guillaume Marcenac & Friends
✘ Location : Den Haag @DiamantTheater
✘ Date : 05/11/2019

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